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in Wolf

However, the re-emergence of song, has become very bright. The dazzling, let MeiQing qing also feel small. Besides, the re-emergence of song, to her, as the ordinary person, no any other emotional, and no other performance.


The last one DuanQingChun, have the wind wave, can only in mind, ghd australia once again, the aftertaste. MeiQing your heart although some disappointment, but still can accept reality. At the beginning, since no accept, at this time, and nothing to regret it.

In meditation pavilion, the practice sword, and sang lived in, that kind of small talk among the daily day, is also a MeiQing spent years the most happy moments. No pressure, no doping among them, just each other the harmonious get along easily, it is a kind of MeiQing qing the yearning of the most like a life status.

But this day, always is very short. Is almost a passing. Wait until she was injured, giving turn to wash Jian sing nine Dan,  MeiQing qing although feel very luxurious, more concerned about showing care sing her attitude.

She is the man can make decision, may face the feelings, and can't Gordian knot. Just so dragged, the mood is getting more and more of the depressed. It is also for this reason,MeiQing it in a raid failed to make an effective response. MeiQing qing oneself also not clear, she fell into danger is what is there are other idea in time. The problem, she refused to think.

MeiQing qing and sang position, is a huge color in the plains,although there are a hilly,  lush vegetation. Can this kind of the highest growth is one person's much taller short tree "at altitude, it can within miles of cocktails.

Two personal one black and one white, in the world of man is very conspicuous. 9 we sing the Yin and Yang of the ninja team tactic transformation, no matter any environment, can own breath completely hidden up. MeiQing qing a pure awe-inspiring sword meaning, but and the surrounding environment are antipathetic. Sing to god and not the transformation of the ability of the original meaning, in this ShaQi blunt clouds world "more likely to provoke attention.

To say to sing and MeiQing qing yu-jian speed "from a group of ground speed to creatures,not difficult. But the world so dangerous, fly is high, the greater the risk of exposure. Less than than having to sing" never yu-jian flying.

Song MeiQing took a walked on, in a meters high on a hill for one and a half open caves to find. Cave has a similar but the Wolf than the Wolf to junior four times as fierce creature.

Sing to the breath of the hidden has two covers "until the hole, and that only with short hair and blood of the giant Wolf found that wrong. Grew up just wanted to make a mouth attack, a platinum time between shine, has a giant wolves in the head.

Red giant Wolf two claws in vain stretch to stretch, golden eyes a turn, the body of the huge bang however to fall on the ground. Sing this sword is the Wolf out of the body is the core of power in response. No matter what kind of the Wolf is the biological, core strength is destruction, is also will die.

Sing to kill easily, MeiQing your heart is like a paradises not calm.

The giant Wolf, the sinews of instant reaction is more than twenty thousand,on the day the spirit star, that is the level JinDan monster beast.

The power of the giant Wolf that though strong, skills is extremely deficient, depend on instinct to struggle against the enemy. And the empire in ten thousand out of the situations of technical refinement, not on the same level.

By MeiQing is a hands-on, finally can also struck down red giant Wolf. Just can't sing like this neat and a bad, may also be injured in the fight.

The Wolf smartad not open, cave so simple, can only be barely covered the body. While standing at giant wolves side, only to see the Wolf sides have a pair of huge black fly wing. Black fly wing across the burnish like metal, looks like two gigantic giant blade, very terrible.

With the sound of song was MeiQing qing way: "ok, here's biological and not too abnormal condition of strong."

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Might as well try GHD Hair Straightener

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This article was published on 2012/04/30